Beaming Electricity-Pipe Dream?

The devastation from the quake and tsunami in Japan, aside from the obvious terrible human losses and destruction of structures also raises another issue…transmission of power. The nuclear reactor problems are getting a huge amount of media attention, as they should. In the meantime, people are without necessities like food, water, & shelter.

It’s worth noting that not so much information is coming out as we have seen recently in Egypt, Tunisia, and other places where unrest has or may overturn regimes. It’s likely that a lot of this is due to the loss of electricity…which we rely on for daily needs, from household to running gas pumps. It goes without saying that it also runs the computers and cell towers that enable smartphones people use to post updates on the web.

An interesting thought for the future…transmitting the electrical power through the air without wires, so it could be rerouted virtually anywhere. No, I don’t have the plan for this, nor the capacity to form one, but offer this as a thought starter to perhaps find it’s way to some brilliant scientific minds out there. If we can beam radio waves around, how about figuring out a way to safely and economically beaming the actual electricity? Ok, geniuses…the ball’s in your court!


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