Did Google Just Win the Cloud Wars?

According to bgr.com, Google may have won the cloud wars, with the announcement at I/O yesterday that their Photos app will allow for unlimited photos and videos in the cloud for FREE! By comparison, Apple gives you 5 Gigs of free storage on iCloud, then hits users with a buck a month for 20 gigs or $20 a month for a terabyte. If you have a large collection, and switched from Apple to Google, you’d save $240 a year. Google photos runs on Android, iOS, or the web, and syncs across all your devices.

Although that was just one of the things rolled out at Google I/O that caused gnashing of teeth at Apple, they should be smiling about this: Appleinsider.com says Consumer Reports ranked Apple highest for computer tech support in their annual survey. According to Consumer Reports, 4 out of 5 Mac owners using AppleCare said the service was able to solve their problem, compared to 61% for Dell and Lenovo. They were ranked pretty much even with indy stores for retail support, although Best Buy’s Geek Squad and Staples EasyTech both charge, and Apple’s geniuses will diagnose problems for free.


GoPro Quadcopter Out Next Year

Why wear a camera for active videos when you can fly one overhead? Theverge.com says GoPro announced at the Code Conference that they plan to launch their own quadcopter drone the first half of next year. Although they declined to put a price point on the drone, CEO Nick Woodman noted that they’re a consumer focused company, so expect it to be competitively priced. GoPro also said there will be a number of related products available when the quadcopter launches.

Lenovo has dropped a competitor to Chromecast. According to slashgear.com, the hockey puck shaped gadget is due to sell for $49, and should be out in August. Like Chromecast and Roku and the rest, it’s plug and play. It has HDMI and micro USB ports, dual band WiFi, supports up to 1080p resolutions, and comes with a bracket, so you can mount it on the back of the TV instead of laying it on your TV stand.

Motorola Makes Some Strong Smartphone Gains

They’re not up there with the big boys like Apple and Samsung, but Motorola did sell 10 million smartphones last quarter. 9to5google.com says that’s up 118 percent! Lenovo says the division will be profitable in a year and a half.

Apparently, Sprint isn’t the only company interested in some of Radio Shack’s 4000 locations. According to gigaom.com, Amazon is looking at dipping its toe into brick and mortar retail. It could show off it’s mobile and living room gadgets with the locations, which could also serve as a physical pick up and drop off for packages.

Citing 3 studies, Google’s Nest claims the learning thermostat pays for itself in less than 2 years with savings on heating and cooling. TechCrunch says heating costs dropped by an average 10-12 percent, cooling by 15 percent.

The Nexus 6-Bigger than iPhone 6 Plus, With a Price to Match

Google’s monster 6 inch Nexus 6, just introduced yesterday is $650, up from the $350 of the old Nexus 5. Geek.com says they’re positioning it as a flagship handset. Preorders start October 29th.

Lenovo, the Chinese laptop company spun off from IBM, already makes smartphones, but is starting a new company to focus exclusively on smart devices. Cnet.com reports they will primarily focus on internet sales in China.

Another use for 3D printing…WonderLuk is using it to customize fashion accessories. Techcrunch.com says they believe in 5 years, 3D printing will allow for perfectly fitted clothes, delivered to your door.

New ‘Bendy’ Lenovo Laptop

Lenovo has rolled out several laptops carrying its Yoga brand. Arstechnica.com says the Yoga 3 Pro is a 13.3 inch Windows unit with a 360 degree hinge so it can fold into a tablet, while the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro has a built in projector.

A startup called Conspire aims to horn in on LinkedIn’s business. Techcrunch.com reports it taps into communications platforms, starting with email, and uses big data analytics to find the most reliable chain of connections between you and a person you want to meet.

Dell has gone green tech in their packaging. Geek.com says it’s being made from mushrooms, wheatgrass, and a plastic made from methane..the byproduct of gassy cows!