Microsoft Hopes This is a Killer Feature for Windows Phone

Microsoft is working on something of a killer app to woo users to Windows Phones. says it’s new virtual machine software that will run your Android apps. A new version should be out in time for the next update to Android.

Apple may have dropped glass backs for iPhones, but hasn’t given up on glass. reports they have patented a method of building seamless, all glass iOS devices, monitors, and TVs.

Sony is trying to ride the selfie wave… saysThe Xperia C3 phablet has a 5 megapixel front facing camera complete with flash, and it ships in August.

Android Wear Gets a Smartphone App

Android Wear, Google’s smart watch system, now has a companion app, according to tech The app lets you configure your smart watch on your Android phone’s bigger screen. reports that scientists at Stanford, Harvard, MIT, and University of Sydney have gotten past a major hurdle in printing 3D organ replacements. They can now also print the blood vessels in them.

Apple has a new patent to make your devices more secure. says it automatically configures security and other settings of a device based on biosensors that determine the location and habits of the user.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini On the Way

As many smartphones have morphed into bulky phablets, Samsung continues to cover their bets with many sizes. says the Galaxy S5 Mini will be out in a couple weeks. It has a 4.5 inch display, a little smaller than the expected iPhone 6.

US Book publishers are now making more net revenue from online sales than from brick and mortar stores, according to the Paperbacks are still more popular than e-books, according to the publishers.

From comes word that Microsoft has added new encryption to and OneDrive, in an effort to minimize hacking and government surveillance.